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Online Benefit Estimating Worksheet

SCERA offers a Defined Benefit Plan. As such, the calculation of your lifetime monthly benefit is based on clearly defined factors. These factors are:

  • Your age at retirement
  • Your years of service credit
  • Your highest average salary

You can use this calculator to project your estimated future retirement benefit based on information you provide. You may also login to your MySCERA account and estimate your benefit using your employer reported pensionable salary and years of earned service credit. If you have questions about calculating your benefit, please contact SCERA.

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    Refer to Membership and Calculating Your Benefit for further information.

    If you have a combination of Safety and General, please call the retirement office.

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    Pensionable Compensation for Plan B Members

    Pensionable compensation used to calculate the retirement benefit for a Plan B member is limited to a percentage of the Social Security wage base limit for 2020, adjusted for inflation annually after 2020. The limit for 2020 is $128,059 (FAS Cap of $10,671.58/month). Members who participate in Social Security are limited to 100% of the limit, and members who do not participate in Social Security (Sonoma Valley Fire District employees) are limited to 120% of the PEPRA limit capped at $153,671 (FAS Cap of $12,805.91/month). Special rules may apply for elected officials.

Retirement Scenarios

You may enter up to 3 scenarios (any combination of differing age, years-of-service, or final compensation) for comparison purposes in one graphical presentation.

  • Estimated Age at Retirement
    Your age at retirement is measured to the completed quarter year. Your age is never rounded forward, but is set at your last quarter year anniversary. For example:
    • If you are 52 years and 2.9 months, your retirement age is 52 years.
    • If you are 52 years and 11 months, your retirement age is 52.75 years.
  • Years of Service Credit
    The number of years you have worked, plus the number of years of service credit you may have purchased. For example:
    • If you worked 20 years and 9 months, plus purchased one year of service credit, your Service Credit is 21.75 years.
  • Highest Average Monthly Compensation
    Highest average monthly compensation is defined as:
    • Plan A members: Your highest 1-year average pensionable salary
    • Plan B members: Your highest 3-year average pensionable salary
    You may be as precise or as broad as you choose in your projection of final compensation.
    Note: This Calculator automatically subtracts $116.67 from the average monthly compensation for members in Plan A.
  • Scenario 1
    • $
  • Scenario 2
    • $
  • Scenario 3
    • $
Calculator Disclaimer

The estimates rendered on the following pages are based solely upon the facts and data provided by the user and does not represent what the user may actually receive as his/her final retirement allowance. This estimate and the information contained herein are not binding upon SCERA.