Announcement of CIO

Published:  September 8, 2016

SCERA is pleased to announce that James Failor has been promoted to the position of Chief Investment Officer.  Jim has been with SCERA’s Investment Division for over nine years, the last three and a half years as a Senior Investment Officer.  Jim brings over twenty five years of investment experience to the position, having worked with investment firms, corporations and institutional clients in various roles ranging from institutional relationship management and product specialist to developing investment strategies and selecting and managing investment managers.

SCERA’s Investment Committee Chair, Greg Jahn, commented that “Jim Failor’s extensive capital markets background, education and experience have been an invaluable resource to SCERA over the years. He has been instrumental in helping the Board navigate the complex global investment and economic landscape over the past nine and a half years. As a result of Mr. Failor’s initiatives the Retirement Association’s investment portfolio has consistently moved in a direction of an enhanced positive risk/reward relationship. We believe that the portfolio of diverse global asset allocation strategies that Mr. Failor has helped to create is structured to achieve the long term investment goals of the Retirement Association and it members.”

Jim has an undergraduate degree in economics, an MBA with a concentration in finance and quantitative methods and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.