SCERA has adopted Article 8.4 Community Property Division of the County Employees Retirement Law

Published:  August 1, 2018

SCERA recently adopted Article 8.4 Community Property Division of the County Employees Retirement Law which allows us to create a separate account for the ex-spouse by splitting the active or deferred member’s account and dividing the service credit and contributions as outlined in the Domestic Relations Order (DRO).   

Prior to the adoption of Article 8.4, SCERA only had the authority to divide retirement benefits at the point that the member retired.  New dissolution guidelines have been created and can be found under Resource Center/Forms and Publications.

If you are an active or deferred member and you have an approved DRO on file with SCERA, you may still be eligible to change to a split account DRO.  SCERA suggests consulting an attorney knowledgeable in family law and retirement law matters.

Article 8.4 is not applicable to already retired members.