SCERA Posts Mid-Year Investment Returns

Published:  August 2, 2013

SCERA posted the following investment returns, annualized and net-of-fees, through June 30, 2013:

1 Year15.3%
3 Years13.0%
5 Years4.3%
10 Years6.9%
20 Years7.2%
30 Years9.1%

The Plan’s one year returns are robust and compare favorably with other public retirement systems. These strong returns will help the SCERA fund as it continues to recover from the market downturn of 2008. More recent returns reflect the buoyant equity market over the period, above-average real estate returns and well above-benchmark returns delivered by the Plan’s “active” equity and bond managers. The returns over five and ten years are more modest reflecting the significant impact of the “Great Recession.” SCERA’s investment horizon is quite long and, as a result, SCERA focuses on the Plan’s long-term returns. The Plan’s 20- and 30-year returns are more reflective of returns expected over full market cycles.