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  • Published on September 17, 2018

    The Sonoma County Employees’ Retirement Association is requesting proposals from qualified firms of certified public accountants. 

  • Published on August 1, 2018

    SCERA recently adopted Article 8.4 "Community Property" of the County Employees Retirement Law which allows us to create a separate account for the ex-spouse by splitting the member’s account and dividing the service credit and contributions as outlined in the Domestic Relations Order (DRO).

  • Published on July 31, 2018

    For Plan B employees covered by SCERA the retirement system employee contributions increased in July.  The County of Sonoma and Sonoma County Superior Court rates were effective 07/03/18 with Valley of the Moon Fire Protection District rates effective 07/02/18.

  • Published on June 26, 2018

    SCERA's Financial Reports (CAFR & PAFR) are now available online.

  • Published on November 1, 2017

    As of 5:00 P.M. October 30, 2017 the nomination period has closed for the following SCERA Board of Retirement Trustee positions: Third (General Member), Eighth (Retiree Member)…Read More

  • Published on July 27, 2017

    For all groups of employees covered by SCERA the retirement system employee contributions increased in July.  The County of Sonoma and Sonoma County Superior Court rates were... Read More

  • Published on July 12, 2017

    On June 6, 2017 Erick Roeser, Sonoma County Auditor-Controller- Treasurer- Tax Collector, joined the SCERA Board of Retirement as the Ex-Officio Trustee…Read More

  • Published on May 30, 2017

    If you are enrolled in one of the County of Sonoma’s health care plans, June 1 is the beginning of the new plan year. If there has been a change to your plan’s cost, this will be reflected in…Read More

  • Published on February 7, 2017

    David Lantzer joined SCERA in January 2017 from the Orange County Employees' Retirement System, where he spent nearly ten years…Read More

  • Published on December 7, 2016

    Michael R. Gossman, Water Agency Division Manager, has won the election for the 2nd Trustee position.

  • Published on September 8, 2016
    SCERA is pleased to announce that James Failor has been promoted to the position of Chief Investment Officer…

  • Published on May 31, 2016

    If you are enrolled in a County of Sonoma health care plan, don't forget June 1 is the beginning of the plan year…

  • Published on May 30, 2016

    Senate Bill 272 requires local agencies publish a list of systems that serve as original sources of data within an agency.

  • Published on February 8, 2016

    Are you a SCERA retiree or beneficiary doing your taxes at 10 pm and you can't find your 1099R? Will you have to wait for SCERA to open in the morning to get help? Don't worry, there is a copy at your fingertips.

  • Published on December 8, 2015

    SCERA publishes its newsletter, the SCERA Times, each spring and fall. Members can elect to receive the newsletter electronically by changing your "distribution preference" in MySCERA, your interactive portal to your personal account information.

  • Published on December 1, 2015

    Trustee Brian Williams was the only Safety member to submit nomination papers for election to the Board of Retirement. Since there is only one nominee, the SCERA bylaws direct that there will be no election held, and Trustee Williams will continue as the Safety member Trustee.

  • Published on October 7, 2015

    An election for the active Safety Trustee position on the SCERA Retirement Board will be held on December 1, 2015. 

  • Published on September 1, 2015

    Some Sonoma County retirees find great satisfaction, and some extra income, by working after retirement. If that's what you want to do, you should know that there may be limitations.

  • Published on July 19, 2015

    July 19 through 25 is National my Social Security week. If you sign up for my Social Security you will have access to the Social Security Administration's financial planning and benefit management tools.

  • Published on June 16, 2015

    For nearly all groups of employees covered by SCERA the retirement system employee contribution will remain the same or decrease slightly in the next fiscal year. However, for General members of the PEPRA Plan (Plan B), there will be a small fraction of a percent increase.

  • Published on May 11, 2015

    On May 7, 2015, the SCERA Retirement Board adopted the SCERA Actuarial Valuation and Review as of December 31, 2014 presented by its actuary, The Segal Company.

  • Published on February 18, 2015

    SCERA is pleased to introduce three new members of the Retirement Board. One is an elected active general member, one is an elected retired SCERA member, and one is an appointed member of the public. All began three-year terms in January.

  • Published on November 24, 2014

    The Board of Retirement has adopted Values and Guiding Principles as part of this year’s Strategic Planning process. Their purpose is to guide strategic planning and daily decision making at SCERA.

  • Published on October 3, 2014

    SCERA is now accepting nominations for three Trustee positions:

    • Active General
    • Retiree
    • Retiree Alternate

  • Published on May 1, 2014

    SCERA members, active employees and retirees, are taxpayers too. As taxpayers, they should know that although SCERA receives less than 4% of the total County budget, that portion of their tax dollars is benefiting the Sonoma County economy in a big way.

  • Published on February 18, 2014

    When talking about a lifetime commitment, it’s always best to take the long view. There will be ups and downs, but keeping a level head will help see you through. With the 2008 Great Recession, local governments in general and pension funds in particular faced a serious down. But those dedicated to finding real solutions are succeeding.

  • Published on February 3, 2014

    Plan returns for 2013 have been reported and SCERA's portfolio delivered an investment return (before fees) of 20.0% which was 2.44% above the target benchmark return.

  • Published on October 17, 2013

    Alternate Retired Trustee Tom Ford stepped down from the Retirement Board in September. Following provisions of the County Employees Retirement Law of 1937, the Board appointed retired member John Pels to fill the vacancy until December 31, 2014, the end of the unfinished term. John will be sworn in as the Alternate Retired Trustee on November 20, 2013.

  • Published on October 17, 2013

    SCERA is pleased to announce the selection of Julie Wyne as Retirement Administrator effective December 10, 2013.  Ms. Wyne was selected to succeed current Retirement Administrator Gary Bei, who will retire at the end of December, allowing for a short transition period.

  • Published on September 30, 2013

    An election for a Trustee from active General membership will be held on December 3, 2013. Nomination papers may be obtained from SCERA. View the Notice of Retirement Board Election.

  • Published on September 20, 2013

    Administrator Gary Bei provided a review of major, multi-year strategic initiatives the organization has focused on over the past decade, in establishing a “Foundation for the Future.”

  • Published on August 2, 2013

    SCERA posted the following investment returns, annualized and net-of-fees, through June 30, 2013:

    1 Year15.3%
    3 Years13.0%
    5 Years4.3%
    10 Years6.9%
    20 Years7.2%
    30 Years9.1%

  • Published on May 1, 2013

    On May 1, 2013, SCERA's actuary, The Segal Company, presented the Actuarial Valuation and Review as of December 31, 2012. The main purpose of the actuarial valuation is to determine the employer and employee contribution rates that will sufficiently fund the plan.

  • Published on April 18, 2013

    Fiscal Year 2012/2013 included major projects resulting from the passage and implementation of statewide pension reform legislation and from investment asset allocation changes focused on reducing risk/increased downside protection while maintaining the return potential of the fund.

  • Published on April 13, 2013

    SCERA Plan assets continue to recover from the 2008-2009 market downturn, and reach a record high of $2 billion.

  • Published on January 13, 2013

    Plan returns for 2012 are at 14.8%, which exceeds the target by 1.4%.

  • Published on November 26, 2012

    The most significant and complex pension legislation in decades was signed into law on September 12, 2012, for an effective date of January 1, 2013. Since that time, the SCERA Board, staff and legal counsel have conducted a diligent analysis of the impact of this legislation to current and future SCERA members.

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