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Fall 2017 SCERA Newsletter

Fall 2017 SCERA Times

  • In the Year 2050
  • Vested Rights
  • What if I'm Never Eligible for a Monthly Benefit?
  • Could a Data Breach Impact my SCERA Benefit?
  • SCERA Welcomes Selina Gonzalez
  • Investment Update

Fall 2017 Newsletter(PDF: 4.5 MB)

SCERA Spring 2017 Image of Cover thumbnail 116Spring 2017 SCERA Times

  • Retirement Planning
  • Preparing for Retirement
  • Find Out About Your SCERA Benefit
  • What’s Your Plan Right Now
  • SCERA Welcomes David Lantzer
  • Investment Update

Spring 2017 Newsletter(PDF: 1.7 MB)

Fall 2016 SCERA Times NewsletterFall 2016 SCERA Times

  • A Program That Works for Everyone
  • The Value of Your Retirement System
  • Just for Retirees
  • Election Schedule
  • Investment Update

Fall 2016 Newsletter(PDF: 2.4 MB)

Spring 2016 SCERA Times NewsletterSpring 2016 SCERA Times

  • Wash Away Your Retirement Savings Anxiety
  • SCERA turns 70
  • Buying a Home or Refinancing? SCERA Can Help
  • SCERA Welcomes John Weech
  • Your SCERA Pay Stub is Changing

Spring 2016 Newsletter(PDF: 3.5 MB)

Fall 2015 image
Fall 2015 SCERA Times

  • Leaving Your Job Before Retirement Eligibility? You Have Options
  • I'm Retired. Can I Go Back to Work?
  • The Lie that Keeps You Safe
  • Retiree Survivor's Checklist

Fall 2015 Newsletter(PDF: 1.2 MB)

Newsletter Spring 2015Spring 2015 SCERA Times

  • Risk and the Job of Pension Management
  • What Does "Qualified" Survivor Mean?
  • Managing Investment Risk
  • What Happens to My Sick Leave When I Retire?
  • SCERA Welcomes Three New Trustees

Spring 2015 SCERA Times(PDF: 1.2 MB)

Newsletter Fall 2014Fall 2014 SCERA Times

  • SCERA's Retirement Board and Staff to Set Long-Range Strategic Plan
  • Going Green…for the Long Haul
  • Have You Ever Wondered…What Kind of Retirement Plan Do I Have? What's the Difference Between SCERA and My Deferred Compensation?
  • Benefit Payment Options: Making a Choice
  • Survivor Benefits & IRS Limits

Fall 2014 SCERA Times(PDF: 6.0 MB)

Newsletter Spring 2014Spring 2014 SCERA Times

  • An Interview with SCERA's New Administrator Julie Wyne
  • SCERA: Secure and Successful
  • Minor Changes to Legacy Plan Employee Contributions Coming in July
  • Meet Your New Trustees
  • SCERA Contributes to Local Economy

Spring 2014 SCERA Times(PDF: 510 kB)

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