Committee Membership

There are four committees of the Board of Retirement. The Investment Committee is comprised of the full Board, and all investment related decisions are made during the Investment Committee meetings. There are three other committees which meet, as needed, on subject matter topics and report their findings to the Retirement Board for recommended action.

The members of each committee are listed below. To learn more about these committees and see a complete description of duties and responsibilities for each committee, please view our Governance and Policies.

Retirement Board Investment Committee
Neil Baker Neil Baker
Michael Gossman, Vice Chair Michael Gossman
Greg JahnGreg Jahn, Chair
John PelsJohn Pels
Christel Querijero Christel Querijero
Erick Roeser  Erick Roeser
David Rabbitt David Rabbitt
Joe Tambe Joe Tambe
Brian Williams, ChairBrian Williams, Vice Chair
Bob Williamson Bob Williamson

Admin-Benefits Committee Audit Committee Disability Committee
Neil Baker Michael GossmanNeil Baker
John Pels Greg JahnJohn Pels, Chair
Christel QuerijeroChristel Querijero Christel Querijero
David Rabbitt Eric Roeser Joe Tambe
Brian Williams, Vice Chair Joe Tambe Brian Williams, Vice Chair
Bob Williamson, Chair Bob Williamson