Investment Managers

StatisticsSCERA maintains a portfolio with a broad range of allocations to provide diversification and help mitigate market volatility, and to produce a solid return that is in line with the expectations of our funding models. SCERA has funds invested with a number of investment management firms who are chosen during active searches for specific products. These managers come with the recommendation of SCERA's staff and the Plan's investment consultant and are monitored closely for compliance with risk standards and performance expectations. 

The Plan's investment consultant is Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting, based in Chicago. The consultant advises the Retirement Board and staff on the engagement and retention of SCERA's investment managers, the structure of the Plan's investment program and a wide variety of investment issues. In carrying out this responsibility the investment consultant attends the Investment Committee's monthly meetings, certain Retirement Board meetings that address investment topics, and the Board's annual Planning Session. 

SCERA is currently invested with the managers listed below. Investment strategies and commingled fund vehicles are indicated.

Enhanced Core Fixed Income
DoubleLine Capital LP    
Guggenheim Partners Investment Management LLC 
Neuberger Berman
Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO)
Reams Asset Management Company

Broad Mandate Equity
Jacobs Levy

Large Cap Equity
State Street Global Advisors 

Small Cap Value Equity
Systematic Financial Management

Non-US Equity
Arrowstreet Capital State Street Global Advisors 
State Street Global Advisors
Templeton Investment Counsel 

Global Equity
Dodge and Cox 
Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo and Company

Real Estate
J.P. Morgan 
UBS Realty Investors  

IFM Investors

Davidson Kempner

Cash Overlay