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How to Retire

You are seriously thinking about retirement. You have attended the Retirement Planning Seminar, and you are trying to make some decisions. What should you do now?

Request an audit of your account

You can perform your own retirement estimates as often as you like by logging into your MySCERA account which is based on current data. The estimates will provide estimated benefit amounts for the various Benefit Payment Options. It will also tell you the value of converting your current balance of accrued sick leave to retirement service credit. SCERA recommends that you request a formal estimate if you leave employment before you are eligible to retire, have transferred to a reciprocal system, or if there is a division of your benefit as the result of a divorce. Within one year of your anticipated retirement date please contact SCERA for an audit of your account. If you had an audit done within a year prior to your retirement date a new audit is not necessary.

Gather your supporting documents

The cover page of the Application Packet lists the supporting documents you must provide at the time of retirement. SCERA encourages you to collect these documents well before your retirement date to avoid any delays in the payment of your benefit. You may submit supporting documents before you submit your application.

Submit your Application for Service Retirement

Once you have decided on your retirement date, you can obtain the appropriate Application for Service Retirement packet from SCERA or by clicking the links to the right.

When you are ready to submit your Application for Service Retirement, please call SCERA for an appointment. Expect to spend about 30 minutes with a Retirement Benefits Specialist, who will go over your application packet with you and answer any questions you may have. 

    SCERA can accept your completed application no more than 60 days prior to your retirement date. Backdated applications cannot be accepted. If you are currently working for a SCERA employer you must submit the completed application no later than the last day you are in paid status. Deferred and Transferred members must submit the completed application no later than the first day of retirement.

    If you have established reciprocity, you must retire from all reciprocal systems on the same date.