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Life Events

When you retire from the Sonoma County Employees' Retirement Association, you are awarded a lifetime benefit that is paid monthly. Throughout your life you will need to stay in touch to inform SCERA of any major life events that might impact your benefit and how you receive it.

  • Dissolution of marriage or state registered domestic partnership — If you dissolve a marriage or state registered domestic partnership during retirement, it is important that SCERA is informed of any decisions or actions that might affect community property rights to your SCERA benefit. Please review the material on the Divorce page of this website.
  • Power of Attorney — There may be a time in you life when you choose to appoint someone else to manage your affairs, including your financial affairs. In that case, you may wish to appoint a Power of Attorney.
  • When a retiree or beneficiary dies— SCERA is here to help you at the difficult time of the death of a member or beneficiary.