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Direct Deposit

New Direct Deposits

If you are not currently receiving your benefit via direct deposit and want to enroll you must complete a Direct Deposit Authorization form and return it to SCERA by fax or mail. 

Making Changes to Existing Direct Deposit

If you are changing to a new bank account(s), you can submit the change by logging into your MySCERA account or you may complete a Direct Deposit Authorization form.  If using MySCERA and your financial institution is not listed or routing number is not found please complete the Direct Deposit form and mail or fax it to SCERA for processing.

Requirements for ALL Direct Deposits

Direct Deposit Authorization forms must be accompanied by:

  • Voided check that has your pre-printed bank routing number and account number, or
  • A Letter on the financial institution’s letterhead that includes your pre-printed routing number and account number.

Important Facts:

  • If your benefits are distributed to two bank accounts and you submit a direct deposit authorization making changes to your primary direct deposit account, your secondary account will be terminated unless you include all required information to support changes in the secondary account.
  • You may elect to stop distribution of your benefit to your secondary account without affecting the primary account.
  • Pursuant to Federal and State Law, SCERA will only process Direct Deposits to U.S. banks, savings and loan institutions, or credit unions who accept Automatic Clearing House (ACH). Direct Deposits may only be credited to the account of the retired member or survivor of a deceased retired member.

Stop Direct Deposits

If you have experienced bank fraud or your identity is compromised and need to stop your direct deposit, please complete the Direct Deposit Authorization form and mark “Stop All Direct Deposit” and submit either by fax to (707) 565-8102, delivering to our office, or email to SCERA. Then please contact Retiree Services to confirm receipt at (707) 565-8108.  You will receive paper checks until you complete a new Direct Deposit Authorization form.