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When a Retiree, Recipient or Beneficiary Dies

Death of retiree or recipient

Please make sure to notify SCERA when a retiree or recipient passes.  SCERA relies on the timely notification of retiree or recipient deaths to not overpay benefits, and you do not have to wait for a death certificate to report a death.  SCERA will reach out to the reporting party to gather more information. 

Please report deaths by:

Calling 707-565-8100, emailing, or visiting and sending us a message under Contact Us.

  • Include deceased retiree or recipient’s name
  • Include date of death
  • Leave contact name and phone number

Death of beneficiary

In the event of the death of your beneficiary, please notify SCERA. Depending on the option you chose at the time of retirement, you may wish to name a new beneficiary. SCERA staff is here to assist you with any updates or changes you may decide to make.